I Just Wanna Tek Gud Photos presents:

Get Started with Adobe Lightroom Workshop

Next Workshop Date:  Tuesday 23rd July 2019, 19:30 @ Harrison 1854

Who This Workshop Is For

This workshop is for anyone looking to get to grips with Adobe Lightroom.

It is aimed at Lightroom beginners, or those wanting to unlock more of Lightroom’s potential than they are currently using.

What You Will Learn

The first half will be a live demonstration of an entire post-processing workflow within Lightroom.

You will get to watch and follow along importing images, sorting, culling, correcting, and finally exporting the images.

The second part of the workshop will focus on some more advanced features of Lightroom that you can explore once you have grasped the basics.

Throughout the workshop you will be able to ask questions.

What You Will Need

This depends on how you like to learn.

If you want to follow along with your own photos then you’ll need to bring your laptop which has Lightroom installed, as well as a memory card with some photos on it.

If you’d rather just take notes then all you’ll need is a pen and paper.

Who Is Running The Workshop?

This workshop is run by James Morgan, founder and long-time administrator of I Just Wanna Tek Gud Photos. 

What makes James qualified to teach you Lightroom? 

He’s a professional wedding photographer, delivering thousands of images every year.  Every one of those photos is imported, processed, manipulated and exported using Lightroom (and sometimes PhotoShop).

Find out more about James on his website:  JLM Wedding Photography

How To Book

The workshop is just £30 per attendee which includes a drink at the bar.

Places are limited to just 12 attendees so that everyone can easily follow along and ask questions.

To book, click the button below and buy your ticket through the EventBrite platform.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email info@tekgudphotos.co.uk.

If you are interested in attending but cannot make this date, please do let us know.  We will be adding more dates in the near future and would be happy to try to arrange one at a time that suits you, where possible of course.